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Stay outside all Summer long with expert tips to avoid mosquitoes and ticks.

When Is Mosquito Season Over?

2 Min
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Topics: Mosquitoes 101, Mosquito Bite Prevention

Avoid Mosquitoes On The Golf Course

4 Min

Picture yourself golfing on a beautiful summers day. The conditions are perfect, the drinks are cold, and everything is going right.

You step up to the tee box on the 18th and settle into your stance. You’re just coming off a birdie on the last hole, and your confidence is riding high. Not Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach-high, but close.

As you swing your driver back, a mosquito suddenly buzzes in your ear, ruining your concentration and sending your favourite ball careening into the woods. A perfect round no more!

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Topics: Mosquitoes 101, Mosquito Bite Prevention

Learn About West Nile Virus

4 Min


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Topics: Mosquito-borne Infections, Mosquito Bite Prevention

Keep Your Cottage Mosquito-Free!

4 Min

Rejoice, cottage-goers! July is here, which means that cottage season has officially been on for a few great months now. Time to grease up the barbecue, polish the boat, and stock up on some cold drinks for the weekend. Let's stay outside!

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Topics: Mosquitoes 101, Mosquito Bite Prevention

10 Places Where Mosquitoes Hide

6 Min

With all the nasty diseases they spread, it's safe to say that mosquitoes are not our friends. While the saying "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer" might apply to many of our human on human relationships, it certainly doesn't apply to mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep tabs on an enemy you can barely see. So, you need to get smart and think strategically. Where does the enemy like to hide? And what can be done to help eradicate aforementioned enemy? 

Say no more. Here are the top 10 spots that mosquitoes live, rest, breed, and hide in.

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Topics: Mosquito Bite Prevention, Mosquitoes 101, Stay Outside

Mosquito & Tick Control For Island Properties

3 Min

As John Donne famously quoted, 'No man is an island, entire of itself.'

Although you probably adore all the isolation on your island property, don't assume you're trapped out there when it comes to controlling mosquitoes and ticks. 

We service a wide spectrum of properties across Canada, so as long as you're in our service area, don't worry; we've got you covered.

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Topics: Mosquito Bite Prevention, Tick Bite Prevention, Stay Outside

Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Wedding

4 Min

Ever attended a wedding and been bombarded by uninvited guests of the flying and biting variety? I know I have, and although I'd love to have been smitten by all the love in the air, getting bitten by mosquitoes can be pretty distracting. 

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Topics: Mosquito Bite Prevention, Stay Outside

How To Prevent Tick and Mosquito Bites When Camping

5 Min

Camping - or glamping, if you're a fancy type - can be a tonne of fun for the whole family. But thanks to biting bugs that have the potential to transmit nasty diseases, camping can be a little risky, too.

But as this decade's most famous Canadian would say; YOLO!

You only live once, so why should you let mosquitoes or ticks ruin your fun? Good news is, you don't have to. But you do have to know how to protect yourself.

Here are our top tips to prevent tick bites and mosquito bites when camping.

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Topics: Mosquito Bite Prevention, Tick Bite Prevention

Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Cottage

5 Min

Finally... it's May Two Four!

The Victoria Day long weekend in Canada is more than just a holiday; it signifies the start of Spring, and more importantly, the beginning of cottage season.

Escaping to the cottage in Spring and Summer has it's perks; all that sensational scenery, idyllic days and no-worries nights among the woods and the lake, and not to mention, the whole family adopting a new found sense of well-being. 

Just like everything, there's gotta be a downside. And we're willing to bet that the number one downside of going to the cottage is bugs, and in particular, mosquitoes.

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Topics: Mosquito Bite Prevention

What Smells Are Mosquitoes Attracted To?

4 Min

We've heard it time and time again; there's something about you, in particular, that mosquitoes just love. Is it your charming personality? No, probably not. Your exquisite taste in music and film? We think not. Is it something about your aura? Well, sort of.

It all boils down to one simple fact; You stink. Good, bad... we don't know. But whatever the perspective, mosquitoes all have acute receptors that detect scents from up to 100 feet away. These are the primary indicators that female mosquitoes (the ones that do the biting) use to pick out their prey.

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Topics: Mosquito Bite Prevention, Mosquitoes 101
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