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Stay outside all Summer long with expert tips to avoid mosquitoes and ticks.

Winterize Your Property Against Pests

2 Min

Winter is around the corner, and the time to winterize your homes and cottages is well... right now! While us humans are gearing up to head inside and sit by the fire with our favourite holiday snacks, pests are also looking for a warm place to camp out for the season.

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What Colours Are Mosquitoes Attracted To?

2 Min

We’ve heard it time and time again; there’s something about you, in particular, that mosquitoes just love. Is it your whimsical personality? No, probably not. Your exquisite taste in music, literature and film? Nope. Not that either. Is it something about your aura? Well, sort of.

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How Ticks Hunt

3 Min

There are people out there who are scared of bears, sharks, alligators... my partner even has an irrational fear of horses. The bigger the beast, the scarier it is. That's usually how it goes.

But what about something you can't always see from a distance, that literally inflates with blood after puncturing a tiny hole in your skin? And what if, after piercing said hole, they can send a disease swimming through your bloodstream?

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Mosquito Look-Alike: European Crane Fly

1 Min

Just when you thought skeeter season was over, your property appears to have been invaded by mammoth mosquitoes. But don't be fooled; these look-alikes are actually nothing like the real deal.

To the untrained eye, these might look like GIANT mosquitoes. But don't stress - these guys are European Crane Flies, and they've been out in force for the last few weeks.

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Topics: Mosquitoes 101, Stay Outside

30 Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard

12 Min

Summer is in full swing here in Canada. Hooray! The Great White North is subject to a notoriously short summer, so it's no surprise to find local hangouts swarming with people relishing the warm weather at this time of year. 

But for those that aren't too fond of long lines and crowded chaos, there's plenty of fun to be had in the comfort of your own home. Here's a list full of fun things to do in your backyard that'll keep you outside whenever the weather permits.

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Topics: Stay Outside

How To Deal With Black Flies

3 Min

Wouldn't cottage country really be heaven on earth if not for biting insects? 

While mosquito and tick populations can be significantly reduced around cottage and residential properties, black flies are a little more difficult. 

Just like mosquitoes, female black flies do the biting, since they require a blood meal to develop their eggs. Unlike mosquitoes, black flies are strong fliers, so can fly longer distances without the requirement of landing frequently. This makes them better at avoiding barrier control strategies used around properties, and all the more difficult to control.

While some home owners may see a reduction in black flies after a barrier control application, the service isn't going to eliminate them like it does for mosquitoes and ticks, so it's important to have a back up plan.

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Topics: Stay Outside

10 Places Where Mosquitoes Hide

6 Min

With all the nasty diseases they spread, it's safe to say that mosquitoes are not our friends. While the saying "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer" might apply to many of our human on human relationships, it certainly doesn't apply to mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep tabs on an enemy you can barely see. So, you need to get smart and think strategically. Where does the enemy like to hide? And what can be done to help eradicate aforementioned enemy? 

Say no more. Here are the top 10 spots that mosquitoes live, rest, breed, and hide in.

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Mosquito & Tick Control For Island Properties

3 Min

As John Donne famously quoted, 'No man is an island, entire of itself.'

Although you probably adore all the isolation on your island property, don't assume you're trapped out there when it comes to controlling mosquitoes and ticks. 

We service a wide spectrum of properties across Canada, so as long as you're in our service area, don't worry; we've got you covered.

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Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Wedding

4 Min

Ever attended a wedding and been bombarded by uninvited guests of the flying and biting variety? I know I have, and although I'd love to have been smitten by all the love in the air, getting bitten by mosquitoes can be pretty distracting. 

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Topics: Mosquito Bite Prevention, Stay Outside

Preparing For Tick Season

3 Min

Yay - Spring is here! After a long, cold Winter, it's nice to finally spend some time outside. When the weather is so nice, what is there to worry about?

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Topics: Stay Outside, Ticks 101, Tick Bite Prevention
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